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Is wifi router radiation safe for health?

September 9th, 2020 by admin

Now wifi can be found not only in offices, but also into housing, schools, and other public locations and facilities. Nevertheless, there were doubts about the danger or safety of wifi to health.

Wifi is the latest technology using wireless local area networks (WLAN). Various other technological devices, such as mobile phones and computers can be directly connected to wifi using radio waves, without having to plug in the cable first.

Radio Waves

When a person makes use of wifi or electronic equipment with a wifi device, it will be exposed to radio waves and some will be absorbed by the body. The concern that arises is the possible influence of these radio waves on the damage of cells in the body, thereby triggering the growth of cancer cells.

Until now, the scientifically proven effect of exposure to radio frequencies was a rise in body temperature, about 1 degree Celsius. However, it is only found in certain locations with very high exposure. At normal exposure, no temperature rise was found that impacted human health.

Although in some countries, wifi has also been linked to the risk of developing certain diseases, such as neurological, heart, and cancer disorders, but it is not sufficiently reasoned and is not supported by strong evidence.

Radiation That Is Still Tolerated

Wifi is classified as emitting non-ionizing or low energy radiation. Radiation is about the same as that emitted by mobile phone signals, radio waves, televisions, microwaves, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Furthermore, the signal from wifi and WLAN is very small, which is about 0.1 watts on computers and routers. That figure is still acceptable within the radiation limits issued by international organizations. In fact, the radio waves emitted by wifi are lower than mobile phones.

A recent survey revealed that exposure to radio waves from major bases and public wireless technology is still well below international limits allowed. However, exposure to radiation generated by wifi can also be affected by other things, such as the placement of inappropriate wifi routers. Therefore, be sure to put a wifi router at least 20 centimeters from inside the house. It aims to reduce radiation exposure resulting from wifi..

In response to speculation and tensions surrounding this, the World Health Organization (WHO), then conducted a study to obtain scientific evidence. Followed by the WHO statement, as long as exposure is below the tolerable radio frequency, which is 0-300 GHz, there is no known effect on the health of the human body. However, radio frequencies that exceed these limits are considered unhealthy.

So no doubt about it, right? Because, until now, concerns of health problems due to wifi have not been scientifically proven. Let’s go back to surfing in cyberspace!

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Five Modern Technology Created Accidentally

August 28th, 2020 by admin

Some modern technologies were created to facilitate human life. But often in the midst of these creations, the functionality of this technology eventually changes from the original goal.

This is very common in the tech world. In fact, most of today’s technology is the result of modifications and inadvertent coloring of its creations.

Here are some of the modern technologies created by accident.

USB Is a Imperfect Product

Of course, our memory about using USB is the connection that requires at least two or three trials. This is due to its shape adjusting the port. Well, the inventor, Ajay Bhatt, actually wants USB to be back and forth so that the user is not confused about plugging in.

This kind of product we already get in USB-C, but at that time, finally this product is also finally removed even though it is considered still not perfect. Finally unexpectedly, this product became mainstream.

Apple’s iPhone Is An Exclusive Device

The iPhone won’t be as big now if Apple stays on the path of exclusivity they once maintained. The thing is, iPone was originally simply created to support Apple’s desktop ecosystem and there are only web apps open through Safari.

This keeps the iPhone closed to Apple users and an app only developed for Apple. IPhone users finally started jailbreaking and making the iPhone exclusivity function even more blurry. Eventually Steve Jobs softened to move to a mobile app that also accepted third parties.

Today, the duopoly of iOS and Android is still the best in indyustri mobile. Otherwise, Android will certainly monopolize the market alone while Apple stays with its small segment.

Android Actual OS For Camera

After talking about Apple, actually Android has the risk of not being Apple’s rival in the smartphone industry. Because in the beginning, Android was developed for digital cameras by four people aimed at wirelessly converting the camera directly to the PC.

The vision of this mission is still maintained to find investors. But as digital camera sales declined, they immediately moved to become smartphone OS because smartphone sales were high. Finally in 2006, Android was acquired by Google. The rest is history.

Microphones Are Hearing Aids

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone, was the first to experiment for the technology to eventually become a microphone. But initially, he wanted to create a hearing aid for the deaf.

But eventually a prototype of a hearing aid that turned out to be less practical for the deaf was instead redeveloped by Emile Berliner to be a microphone or loudspeaker, rather than as a hearing aid.


Sirens that are loud sounds that usually signify danger, were previously intended as musical instruments. Scotsman John Robinson was the inventor who wanted to produce music with the siren-like sound we hear today. This moment occurred in the late 18th century.

However, the siren was not used for danger for centuries afterwards. Like 1819 it used sirens that were precisely an experimental field to measure mosquito speed, underwater sound speed, and frequency of musical notation.

Finally after the popular siren became the sound of a danger sign on the ship, in World War II, the British used sirens for signs if German soldiers attacked. Finally, sirens were used for danger signs until now.

Robots Are Advanced Factory Machines

The history of robots has emerged from centuries ago. But when it comes to modern robots that are programmed and computerized, we only went backwards a few decades ago, the 50s.

Noted, the first robot was Unimate, a one-arm robot that was actually intended to be a hot metal pouring machine into molds, whose process is known as the die-cast process. This is a dangerous process and it does take a machine to run it. One of its first users was the General Motors car factory.

Finally, robots with brains and similar programs began to be used for various other things, not just being a money machine. Finally, a vehicle in its entirety can be made using robots, without human intervention.

Air Conditioning Is a ‘Mini Refrigerator’ For Factory Coolers

Air conditioning can not be carried is a gadget that appears thanks to the refrigerator. Because, the inventors of both are almost the same as Willis Carrier. The air conditioner also took the system out of the refrigerator, although at the beginning of the invention of the air conditioner was not practical to use.

Until finally a printing plant called Sackett-Wilhelms in New York, requested a cooling system from Carrier to cool its factory. After use, the room becomes damp, and damages the mold color of the machine. But after various improvements, finally practically the gadget became air conditioner properly.

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The Best Powerbank You Deserve To Buy

August 15th, 2020 by admin

Powerbank is one of the technological devices that people of today’s society need. Because, many active smartphones do not currently have enough battery with enough capacity to accommodate activities in a day.

This is especially true if you’re using an older android or iPhone, amid a row of apps now more advanced and more battery draining. What’s more if you are the type of person who is mobile and often away from the power cord plugs.

Well, if you’re now looking for the best quality powerbank,’ve made the list. Gathered from a variety of sources, here’s the review.

Mi Power Bank 2i 10,000mAh

Powerbank from Mi has a slim body so it is very easy to carry in your bag or even pants pocket. This powerbank has an original capacity of 7,400mAh, so one full capacity can charge up to 2 standard smartphones.

The advantage of this powerbank is the Quick Charge 3.0 support, and the maximum power output is 18W. So, to charge in full it only takes 5 hours.

For the price, Mi Power Bank 2i can be found in e-commerce with a price range of $11

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000

This Anker powerbank has an output of 5V/2.4A and has a special feature namely Voltage Boost which slightly accelerates the duration of charging powerbank or charging.

The capacity of this powerbank is 10,000mAh, with advantages in the form of a sturdy body and the best quality of materials.

This powerbank can be obtained in e-commerce for $20.

Aukey 20,000mAh

The best powerbank of course is a powerbank with a large capacity. Aukey delivers this through its 20,000mAh product.

With this, approximately you can charge the smartphone more than 5 times. In fact, tablets and some laptops. You can also charge the latest USB-C MacBook.

When it comes to weight and size, considering its large capacity, this powerbank is not very large, but the weight is quite steady. So you have to keep it in the bag, because it will be quite heavy if you pocket it for a long time.

You can get this powerbank in e-commerce with a price range of $25.

Vivan Powerbank 17,000mAh

If it speaks powerbank, maybe Vivan is the champion. Vivan may be the best-selling brand in Indonesia today. The capacity offered also ranges from 3,000mAh to 20,000mAh.

The price is also on the cheapest side than other brands. So, if you want to buy vivan powerbank, buy a large capacity so as not to nanggung.

One of them is Vivan 17.000mAh, which is banderol with a price range of $25.

Asus ZenPower 10,500mAh

Asus ZenPower is known for its large capacity but a mini fixed size and is also wrapped in varying colors. Not only that, the weight is light so it can get in your pants pocket.

Its main priority is the ability to support various smartphone brands, as well as higher charging speeds with a current of 2.4A. There is also temperature protection, shortcirc zipper protection, and anti-reset.

For the price of this powerbank is priced at $20 and you can get it in e-commerce.

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Ultrasound Inspection and Technical Procedures

July 9th, 2020 by admin

One factor for optimal treatment is the accuracy of diagnosing the disease. To help identify the cause of the disease in patients, doctors can use supporting examinations, among others with the help of ultrasound tools.

Ultrasound is a technique of displaying an image or image of the inner state of the body. In taking pictures, the tool utilizes high frequency sound waves.

One factor for optimal treatment is the accuracy of diagnosing the disease. To help identify the cause of the disease in patients, doctors can use supporting examinations, among others with the help of ultrasound tools.

Ultrasound or ultrasound is a technique of displaying an image or image of the inner state of the body. In taking pictures, the tool utilizes high frequency sound waves.

Conditions Requiring Ultrasound Diagnosis

Generally ultrasound uses a device called a transducer attached to the skin to emit high frequency sound waves. However, there are some ultrasound techniques that need to insert transducers into the body. This technique requires a special transducer.

In addition, technological developments make ultrasound imaging results not only more accurate, but can also be used for more specific purposes, for example in 3-dimensional ultrasound. Some of the purposes for use and types of ultrasound used include:

  • Knowing the problems that exist in the prostate by using transrectal ultrasound (through the anus).
  • Get imaging from the uterus and ovaries through transvaginal ultrasound.
  • Got a clear picture of the heart organ through an echocardiogram.
  • Obtain a clear picture of circulatory in blood vessels with doppler technology ultrasound.
  • Get visualization of abdominal tissue and organs in it through abdominal ultrasound.
  • Monitor the structure and tissues around the kidneys through renal ultrasound.
  • Get a picture of breast tissue via breast ultrasound.
  • Monitors heart rate in the fetus, usually using Doppler technology.
  • Monitor fetal development in pregnant women.
  • Monitor the structure of the skull bone, brain, and tissue inside the baby’s head.
  • Take samples of body tissues through ultrasound-guided biopsy techniques.
  • See visualization of eye structure with eye ultrasound.

Ultrasound Inspection and Technical Procedures

Patients who will undergo an ultrasound examination will usually be asked to lie on their back. The doctor will then apply a special gel to prevent friction between the skin and the transducer. The gel also serves to facilitate the delivery of sound waves into the body.

During ultrasound examination, the transducer will be moved on the part of the body to be examined. This movement is necessary for the sent sound waves to bounce back and bring up good images.

Each bouncing echo will form an image of the size, shape, and consistency of soft tissues or organs in the body. It is the reflection of the waves that then forms the image on the computer screen. After evaluation, the examiner will explain the results of the examination and make a report on the results obtained from the ultrasound examination in the patient.

If the patient wants to perform an ultrasound on certain internal organs, such as the gallbladder, then the patient is asked not to eat and drink other than water for 6-8 hours before the examination is carried out. It is necessary for the gallbladder not to experience shrinkage of size.

Meanwhile, for pregnant women who intend to check the condition of the fetus, the doctor can recommend drinking water at least 4-6 glasses about an hour or two before the ultrasound. The goal is for the bladder to fill up, helping to improve image quality.

During an ultrasound, the doctor may tell the patient to change position. This is done to make the access of waves to the examined organs easier. The ease with which sound waves access the organ further improves the quality of the images obtained.

Ultrasound can be done at clinics or hospitals. The procedure itself usually takes less than half an hour. There is no prohibition after ultrasound, so patients can do activities as usual.

With ultrasound, doctors can detect various problems in the body’s tissues, blood vessels, and organs. Amazingly, it doesn’t require surgery when displaying images to detect problems in the body. Another advantage of this method also known as sonography is the zero use of radiation.

Although ultrasound examination has minimal risk, it still has limitations. Sound waves from this device are unable to penetrate bones and gases. For bone or gas-blocked parts, it is recommended for patients to use other treatment procedures, such as CT scans, MRIs, or X-rays.

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